Precision X-ray

The Hallmark of the Blair Upper Cervical Technique are the precise X-rays that are taken of the joints in your neck to determine what direction your vertebrae have misaligned, how far it has misaligned, and the angle of your joint which has misaligned. Knowing this precise information allows your doctor to deliver a precise gentle correction to restore the vertebrae to its normal position. The Blair Upper Cervical X-ray series is unique and is the blue print that your doctor needs to correct you properly.

The Blair Adjustment

All Blair Upper Cervical Adjustments are made on a side posture table (named because the patient lies on their side). This table is low to the ground and allows the doctor to have a biomechanical advantage in making these PRECISE corrections. The adjustment is quick and gentle, the correction is done in less than 12 hundredths of a second. The neck is never twisted or manipulated; in fact the correction is so quick and light that many patients wonder if anything is done.

After your correction is done you will be either left on the table or brought to a resting room. The post rest is a necessary time which allows the body to re-position the spinal segment. The post rest helps the body accept the adjustment and is an essential part in the goal of “holding” the correction. The goal of your care is to keep the correction in its normal position so that the central nervous system can return to a normal state of function, thereby creating healing and repair in the body.

Retracing- The healing process

No process happens without time as an essential element. While many patients get sudden relief, long-term stability and correction of your upper cervical misalignment takes time. We do not want you to mistake RELIEF for STABILIZATION. While symptoms can fade away, sometimes rapid long-term stability and health can take months to achieve.

Retracing is a phenomena in which the body heals through damaged tissue from old injuries, or tissue that has been compromised due to lack of function. The healing process can have many twists and turns, when the body goes through a healing process and retraces back to health the following things can be experienced temporarily:

  • Fatigue
  • Muscle tightness and soreness that is transient
  • Having memories or symptoms that happened long ago

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