Vertigo!!! Below is the testimony of one of one our patients suffering with severe vertigo and nausea. This was 2 days ago. She drove her car here yesterday! Please share with those who need to see it. Vertigo and dizziness are strong indicators of an upper neck misalignment! #vertigo #UCblair

Posted by Cincinnati Upper Cervical on Thursday, June 22, 2017

Migraine and Fibromyalgia testimony! Listen to this testimony about the power of specific upper cervical correction! Just happened today! Please share this with people you care about! #UCBlair #migraines #fibromyalgia #CincinnatiUpperCervical

Posted by Cincinnati Upper Cervical on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

After seeing Dr. Owens I already am having great results!! Ran 8 miles this morning and had no shin splints and am currently feeling great! Usually after long runs I’m in lots of pain. I also am noticing overall my anxiety and hormones have gone down. WHO KNOW?!! Thank you, Dr. Owens!

– Rachal P.

Dr. Owens is a wonderful care provider. My lower back pain, tingling and numbness in my left leg and hand is practically gone. We are still working on some other areas but overall, I feel a million times better! Thank you Dr. Owens!

– Karen White

Dr. Owens and his staff are amazing. He truly cares and listens. I was experiencing chronic dizziness following car accident for 10 months. A few week after starting relief care my symptoms started going away. I was not able to drive or function before and can now do everything normal again!

– Angie R.

When I first came to Cincinnati Upper Cervical and Family Chiropractic, I was experiencing sever lower back pain, pain in my hips, neck and shoulders. I am 65 years old, I live with pain everyda, I’m very active and still work. The was beginning to interfere with activities and the work I do. I have been seeing Dr Owens since April 2017 and have noticed a lot of improvements in my body pain. I am so excited with the results in such a short time that I expect to feel much younger in the future!

– Sue K.

Love working with Dr. Owens! I feel better, walk taller, am sick less ofter, and if I do get sick, it is for a much shorter amount of time. The office staff is amazing as well!

– Stormy K.

I have had chiropractic care for years but the combination of that and upper cervical is far better. Everything stays in place far longer. This is a place you want to go.

– Mark B.

I highly recommend Dr. Owens, he has worked wonders for my daughter’s diagnosis of scoliosis and helped my son after concussion. I started going for overall maintenance to keep my head on straight.

– Chandra B.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Owens for 1 year this week for vertigo. After struggling for many years of this I am happy to say I have had only 1 episode as opposed to having 10 episodes the year before I started seeing Dr. Owens. If I do have an episode I can call and get in the office right away to relieve my symptoms. If you are not a patient of this office you need to be I can’t say enough about the Dr. and his staff!

Thank you Dr. Owens!

– Annie C.

For the past several years, I have been having neck pain and headaches. The headaches became progressively worse until one episode that required morphine and muscle relaxers to provide relief. All this in spite of seeing another chiropractic fairly and regularly. Dr. Owens took some very precise x-rays and put together a plan for me to get well. Since starting the relief care program I have not experienced a single headache. To be pain free is something I had thought to be unattainable until now.

– Bob B.

When I first came to Dr. Owens office for the current problem, I had been being checked regularly for 3 years, when during my pregnancy I had a drop in blood pressure & severe fatigue. Within 24 hours of my correction I was feeling great! My blood pressure has risen & stabilized and I has a complete rebound in my energy levels. That day was such a testament to the value of my chiropractic care. I believe because of my regular care & keeping my body in balance that when I have a situation like this develop, my body can recover quickly. Thank you, Dr Owens!!

– Dr Laurie Jahnke

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